Tour self and drive in American West National Parks

My boundless love for the United States won again and this year the summer holidays destination is America. We visited many large American cities, never one of his National Park so what better reason for a new challenge? Papers, maps, tourist guides and Tourists to Caso, I have it all to begin to decide on a rough itinerary.

Organize a trip is the most complex, exciting and wonderful to exist. I love to spend my afternoons reading travelogues, comb through magazines, guides and atlases emphasize, all of this “work” has a conclusion: the realization of a dream. Each trip is the fulfillment of a desire, the discovery of a small world unto itself, where everything turns out to be a discovery.

The choices stages for these 20 days are divided into:

  1. Las Vegas

  2. Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon

  3. Glen Canyon

  4. Canyon de Chelly

  5. Antelope Slot Canyon

  6. Monument Valley

  7. Grand Canyon

  8. Pheonix

  9. The Angels

  10. Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice Beach

  11. San Francisco

  12. Sequoia National Park

  13. Google site, Facebook Headquarter, Hp Garage, Silicon Valley

The miles to be ground will be many so we decided to book two domestic flights, one from Phoenix to Lax and another from Los Angeles up to Frisco.

The period chosen is not the happiest, August, temperatures in the parks will be very high, a bit ‘of fear there, but then you think in the States wherever there are air conditioned so do not worry and be happy, the next stop its the west coast!

In this short, but rich travelogue I will avoid for a reasoned decision not to mention the big cities we visited, preferring to explore the national parks and their wonderful treasure.

The American roads are really huge and well maintained, we ground 600-700 km a day without noticing, either for the excellent choice of car, a Ford SUV, either for the right breaks planned upstream.

Our first meeting was just passing through with the Zion National Park , transfer the park for the spectacular Bryce Canyon , where we spent a whole afternoon.

america west-Bryce_Canyon

Bryce canyon, Usa, National Park


Despite its name, it is not a real canyon, but more an amphitheater where countless pinnacles rise, the hoodoos, produced by erosion of sedimentary rocks for rainwater action, wind, snow and ice. The rocks have an intense color ranging from red to orange to white, to observe them during the sunset is an almost mystical setting. The park was established in 1928, four years after he was proclaimed a national monument.

The entrance fee to national parks purchased at the entrance of Zion NP allows you to visit all American-owned parks like Canyon de Chelly where you can see a small Navajo community still in business.

The Canyon de Chelly is the plateau of the Colorado, in what is called the Four Corners area. The territory is constituted by two main canyons that form a Y placed in horizontal which is located at an altitude of about 1500 meters above sea level. Eroded in the sandstone by the force of the winds and the two rivers that flow, the canyon de Chelly has vertical walls over 300 meters. Down the Canyon we find tents with Navajo Indians active in agriculture and farming.

Canyon de Chelly, Navajo tent, Colorado, uses

Canyon de Chelly, use, Colorado, Canyon, National Park, United States

The next step we see inside the Hoover Dam and the Navajo jeep for the visit of ‘ Antelope Slot Canyon .

Antelope slot canyon and ‘Navajo properties so the national pass has no value in this area and to enter you have to buy a separate ticket and be escorted inside with their guides. The scenario that unfolds before us, and ‘breathtaking, a rocky path red orange eroded by the wind. You follow a path carved by time in the shadows … It seems to be inside the Window screensaver. Our guide advised us the best angles for taking pictures and tells us myths and Indian legends.

Antelope slot canyon



After this spectacular scenery Navajo’re back in the car: next destination Monument Valley !

National parck, Navajo Park, USA, Monument Valley

Inside the park there are proposed three different scan modes: 1) with their jeep in a group, 2) on horseback with Navajo 3) driving with our car … The last choice will prove to be the best; tourists who chose the jeep tour has only eaten a lot of dust and stopped in predetermined places by the guide, while we have been able to live the park in our own way, in freedom.

The site has been repeatedly used as a film set for Westerns, but also for one of the episodes of the successful Back to the Future. Loads of desire to discover this natural wonder, after a walk around the stalls at the entrance, we jump in and help start our adventure with the soundtrack by Ennio Moricone.

Council lover of photography: the best times to be fascinated by the Monument Valley and capture on film the essence are the sunrise and sunset; when the sunlight creates beautiful effects and light shows with sandstone monoliths.

Monument Valley, Usa, National Park, Navajo

Monumet Valley, USA, National Park

Monument Valley, us, USA, National Park

We believed that after the performance of Monument no other park would have given us so great emotions, but we were wrong …. The view of the Grand Canyon is something indescribable.

The Grand Canyon, 446 kilometers long and 1,600 meters deep, divided into four entrances (north, south, east and west) was created by the erosion of the Colorado River in Arizona. Recognized as a national park February 26, 1919 is one of the natural wonders of the world’s most visited.

Grand Canyon National Park, USA, Colorado, We

We were lucky enough to be able to watch the sunset from one of the various points of view of the park, and I can assure that it is an indescribable feeling, you feel little tiny and helpless. The sunlight on the rocks creates unique games, peace and silence surround you and give you a peace of mind like no other.

Tramonto, grand canyon, USA, Colorado river, National Park

We, Sunset, Grand Canyon, USA, National Parks, Colorado, Grand Canyon

grand canyon, observatory, USA; Colorado, National Park

The last park we visited was the Sequoia National Park north of San Francisco. What it seems to welcome you as a small coniferous forest turns out to be a magical place where time has stopped.

We cross the park on foot by doing one of several routes recommended by the rangers at the information and we remain surprisingly enthusiastic.

The Redwoods, ancient trees, with a trunk so high as to be confused with the clouds the thick green foliage, will accompany you along the way as silent companions, but loads of story to tell at every stop. We play hide and seek remember taking countless photos in the branches to the ground and between the logs. The silence is only interrupted by some birds singing and the lushness of the small stream that runs through the National Park.

Muir woods, redwood national park, california, us, USA
Sequoia National Park, USA, California, National park, trees

National Park, USA, California, Sequoia, Muir Woods

We, miur woods, national park, USA, California, Sequoia

One morning in my opinion not enough to fully enjoy the beauty of the Sequoia National Park , unfortunately our schedule is so charged that at lunch time we leave this fairytale place, a place that we will stay in my heart for the great serenity that He has been able to give us.