Visiting the Terracotta Army with children

Can you visit the Terracotta Army with children? Is it advisable to take young children to see Xi’An’s Terracotta Army? If you ask us, we will answer: YES!

Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Army, considered the Eighth Wonder of the World, is an agglomeration of sculptures by soldiers spread across three pits that make up the tomb complex of China’s first Emperor: Qin Shi Huang.

The discovery dates back to 1974 when some farmers, digging a well, found the remains of statues, thus starting the archaeological excavations that, in a few years, brought to light about 8000 life-size soldiers.

The statues, between 175 and 190 cm high, are different from each other and testify to the military and cultural condition during the Empire of Qin (221-206 BC).


Visiting the Terracotta Army with children

Visiting a traditional museum with children is not always a good idea, you would risk ruining your day and dragging them against their will like a dead weight. Visiting the Terracotta Army with the children I assure you that it will be different, it will conquer them!

The important archaeological and historical discovery of Emperor Qin’s Army led to the birth of a non-traditional museum that consists of three pits, each of which houses part of the terracotta army.

During the visit, children will be able to admire the huge statues from above and find the defects rather than the similarities between one subject and another! Very funny is the photo set placed at the exit of the second pit, where you can take a souvenir photo with reproductions of terracotta soldiers. Irene didn’t want to leave anymore!! It costs 100 yuan for a photo printed on the spot.


How to get to the Terracotta Army with children

Personally, we preferred to reach the Terracotta Army archaeological site with Irene by car. The convenience of sitting with a car seat and air conditioning is priceless! The journey is short, in less than 50 minutes you will be at your destination. We decided to rely on a taxi driver, but you can find many local agencies in the city that organize group and individual trips every day.

If your children are older and you want to save some money, let’s not be clear, we suggest you reach the Terracotta Army by bus. Bus No. 5 – 306 leaves daily, you will recognize it by the “Terracotta Army” sign displayed on the windshield, from the east square of Xian Main Railway Station. Calculate 1 hour and a half for the journey and only 7 yuan of spending each way! It is certainly very cheap, but in our opinion it was not feasible with a two-and-a-half-year-old girl, too many bangs, possibility of faulty air conditioning and traffic lurking.


Once you arrive at the square of the Terracotta Army ticket office you can move freely on foot because the pits are all a short distance from each other, but forget the stroller at home, there are too many areas without a slide. Instead, you can take the shuttle with only 5 yuan, which takes you from the cash desks at the entrance to the three pits in a few minutes.

When to go to the Terracotta Army with children

The choice to visit the archaeological site in the morning or afternoon has long been thought out. When traveling with young children, multiple variables must be considered. The idea of seeing the Terracotta Army the afternoon before the closure teased us several times, but then it won the cool and the choice to visit the complex in the morning. Of course we were not alone, but with us there were millions of tourists but we managed to enjoy the first pit with the cool and an afternoon of relaxation at the hotel to let Irene play!


How to prepare children for a unique visit

The choice to visit the Terracotta Army with children may seem risky, but with the right precautions their experience can be unique. Remember to prepare them for what they will see, I suggest an episode of the cartoon Geronimo Stilton set in China, my daughter was excited to relive the adventures of the mouse!

The more ready they are for what awaits them, the greater their desire for discovery. Imagine fantastic stories to engage them! Take a souvenir photo of them with a reproduction of the terracotta warriors, they will be overjoyed!

For the visit remember to let him wear a hat, put on plenty of sunscreen because in August the sun does not give respite! Bring fresh water into your backpack and snacks.

Where to eat at the Terracotta Army with children

Planning our excursion to the Terracotta Army with children we chose to eat on site immediately after visiting the pits and the museum. It is possible to bring packed lunch and eat it in the ticket office area or eat something express along the shopping area. We decided to enjoy ravioli and set off on the road immediately after lunch so that Irene can rest in the car in the cool.

There are many locals and street food that you will find only walking in the area around the tourist bus parking lot.

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