Loacker Cafe in Bolzano

In the heart of the historic center of Bolzano there is a small but bright bar, that of Loacker!
A well-known manufacturer of wafers and shortbreads, Loacker, wanted to create a kingdom of ice cream and hot chocolate open all year round. Welcome at Loacker Cafe in Bolzano.

Loacker Cafe in Bolzano

In Bolzano city center there is a Loacker Cafe. The large windows and south-west exposure allow the first rays of sunlight to flood the cafeteria with light from dawn.

The large wooden terrace is the ideal place to spend the hours between February and the end of October, admiring the unique charm of the historic center of Bolzano.


In addition to the long counter and the ten tables with leather sofas, there is a shop with the latest innovations born at Loacker, in addition to its cornerstones. Getting lost among the thousand specialties is a real journey of taste!

If you plan to visit Bolzano’s traditional Christmas market which takes place from the beginning of December, the Loacker Café is the perfect place to escape from the bitter cold, sit down for a hot chocolate.


Loacker Cafe in Bolzano: our experience

Entering the Loacker bar in Bolzano had a strange effect on us, thinking of being inside the famous wafer bar and being able to order an ice cream sounded almost funny!

The menu is full of very sweet and greedy proposals, all rigorously garnished or “finished” with one of Loacker products of excellence.

We personally found it a little overpriced for the variety of products on offer. All really good but “expensive”!


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