Unmissable stages of the Great North Trail, cycling in English nature

There are many must-see stops on the Great North Trail. A 1300km cycle path through meadows, pastures and slopes that winds between England and Scotland.

Great North Trail

The Great North Trail cycle path is a long cycle path that originates to connect the Peak District, a mountainous area of central and northern England, with Cape Wrath at the far north of Scotland.

The route is off road, with stretches of dirt road and steep climbs, but wonderful views interspersed with unmissable historical and artistic sites.

Before starting the trail at the tourist office you can pick up your map and collect all the information you need to better face this adventure. The map is dotted with historical sites not to be missed, campsites and refreshment points, as well as addresses of mechanics to repair bikes!

The Great North Trail allows you to cycle on existing roads and trails, passing through the Yorkshire Dales, a hilly area located in the north of England, in the historic county of Yorkshire; in the Kielder Forest, a large wooded area in Northumberland representing England’s largest man-made forest.

The idea of connecting England and Scotland by bicycle was born about twenty years ago, but without arriving at a real project until this year, when thanks to the work of We Are Cycling UK the first negotiations began to open and connect existing routes, enhance them and systematize them with each other.

Unmissable stages of the Great North Trail

The must-see stops on the Great North Trail are definitely Smoo Cave and the Cape Wrath promontory, both in Scotland.

Smoo Cave is a sea cave crossed by a river, while Cape Wrath is one of the northernmost points in Scotland with an ancient lighthouse

The Great North Trail route waiting for you in England will be littered with deep green hilly landscapes and straw-roofed cottege. The English part is truly “British” and the leaden sky makes everything even more unmissable and evocative.

Useful information

The Great North Trail is divided into 8 stages, you can choose the degree of difficulty and intensity of the ride, it starts from the Green Trail for families and beginners up to the one reserved for experienced bikers.

Most of the Great North Trail route is built on secondary roads, often agricultural routes open to the passage of bicycles. Precisely because these are mainly off-road routes, it is advisable to travel by MTB or with a gravel bike. Here you will find the complete map of the itinerary, while on we are ciclyng UK you will find GPS routes and information on every single part of the itinerary including a list of b&b and useful addresses.

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