One day in Verona with kids

All you need to know to spend one day in Verona with kids: the best things to do in Verona with kids, the perfect hotel and more.

One day in Verona with kids

Verona is one of the most beautiful, charming and famous cities in Italy, and a lovely place to visit with kids.

Well-served by a busy international airport and train station, Verona is a great getaway to family-friendly Lake Garda and Gardaland Park.

Verona’s city center is compact and the best way to explore it is on foot.

If you have very small kids, a cute option to visit the city is to hop on the city tourist train. The tourist train tour only takes 25 minutes, it has audioguides in several languages and it is a fun way to get a first overview of the city and decide what to explore more in-depth next.


One day in Verona with kids itinerary

One day in Verona with kids: start to visiting Piazza Bra and Verona’s Arena.

Piazza Bra is a beautiful, large square and a great introduction to the city of Verona Piazza Bra is lovely for kids! On one side, you have beautiful cafes with lovely views over the square.

The famous Arena of Verona, in the city center, is an ancient Roman amphitheater still in use for opera performances and concerts. After a visit to the Piazza Bra and the Arena, I recommend you cross the city center towards Castelvecchio and Castelvecchio Bridge, a scenic bridge and a famous Verona landmark.

Another place to visit in Verona is Piazza delle Erbe. Piazza delle Erbe is the medieval city market and it is a large piazza still now hosting traders and stalls.


The most important place in Verona, after the Arena , is the Casa di Giulietta. The house is in the city center and very easy to find! The line moved very fast and we quickly found ourselves in the famous Juliet’s Courtyard, which is lovely. Access to the courtyard is free.

The famous balcony is just above you and it is pretty: you will see a stream of visitors from inside the house leaning there for their turn at a selfie; however, if you have a bit of patience you may be able to snap a nice photo without anyone looking down.

Tip: an alternative way to tap into the story of Romeo and Juliet while in Verona is to visit the crypts of San Zeno church. This is where the lovers got married.

Information and tips

Besides the Arena, you find the Verona Info Point; here, you can collect a free map and scavenger hunt for kids that will help keep them engaged while sightseeing. 

During your one day in Verona with kids for lunch, having take-out focaccia in La Figaccia (highly recommended).

One day in Verona with kids under the rain

Escape the rain and play in Verona Children’s Museum. Verona children museum is a good option for a rainy day, this is a new, small museum for kids to play and learn by doing. 

Verona Archaeological Museum and Roman Theater. The Roman Theater is a good place to visit with kids who love history or o a rainy day. The museum offers regular activities for kids.

Take a Family Scavenger Hunt with Macaco Tours. Macaco Tours organize kid-centered scavenger hunts and they are brilliant: very informative and fun.

Castel San Pietro – lovely to catch views over the city. If the kids are good walkers, you can hike up the hill or you can take Funiculare (cable car)

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