Disneyland: travel guide. Useful information for a trip to Disneyland

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of Disneyland Paris, what better excuse than visiting it? We just booked, what are you waiting for? In this post you will find useful information for a trip to Disneyland, let’s say a guide to leave prepared for magic!

Useful information for a trip to Disneyland Paris

We love the Disney world and everything that revolves around it, think we’ve been to Disneyland Paris many times, but we didn’t miss that of Tokyo and Shanghai either (here our experience)!

What are the parks waiting for you?

First of all, what parks in Disney can you visit in Paris? The answer is Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios. Both unmissable and full of compelling and magical attractions.

Disneyland Park

The first to be inaugurated and also the most visited park in Europe. Here magic reigns supreme, everywhere smelling of cotton candy and caramel creams. The evening offers a fireworks display to be amazed, the meeting with Disney characters, Princesses and the daily parade are just some of the must-see things in this park.

Walt Disney Studios Park

The park dedicated to the world of cinema and television and is the ideal place for fans of Toy Story, Hollywood and special effects. Lately, Marvel superheroes have also chosen this park to meet their fans. Here the magic leaves room for adrenaline.

And then what? Disney Village

In addition to these two huge amusement parks, Disneyland Paris can find the Disney Village, which can be accessed even without an entrance ticket. Disney Village, present in all Disney brand parks around the world, is the perfect place to spend a few hours among shops, restaurants, cinemas and concerts. You can breathe Disney magic at every step.

How to organize a stay at Disneyland Paris?

If you are looking for ways to save money on booking the Disney package I refer you to my post about it, but if you want useful information for a trip to Disneyland read on.

In my Disneyland Paris guide, you will find answers to the main questions you ask yourself before proceeding with the booking (do it yourself or through a travel agency).

How many days?

Among the useful information for a trip to Disneyland can not miss the answer to the question “how many days does it take to visit Disneyland Paris?”. Here, if you ask my husband, eternal Peter Pan who loves carousels and roller coasters, he will answer you for a month, but the truth is that it will take you at least 3 nights and 4 days to fully experience the Disney magic, without having to run from one park to another, with the fear of not being able to discover all the attractions or shows scheduled.

Disneyland touched and escape from Paris? Here it is possible but it will certainly take a lot of organization and choose to visit only one park. Another suggestion is to opt for a midweek day to find fewer visitors and decide “at the table” before arrival what attractions to do.

If you are on holiday in Paris and want to savor the magic of Disney, even a single day can be enough (with a little organization)!

If you only have one day, we recommend that you only visit one theme park, namely Disneyland park.

Which hotel?

Another cult question is “where to stay on a trip to Disneyland?” Better inside or outside the park? Personally, I got to try both solutions and I can say, for reasons, that sleeping inside the park is a whole different story. Leaving aside the economic discourse, sleeping in one of the many Disney hotels offers the chance to get in and out at different times, gaining magic! You can also meet the characters during breakfast and get discounts and discounts on meal vouchers.

If you prefer to bet on savings you can opt for a hotel just outside the Disney park, many are one metro stop from the park, but remember that you will have to buy tickets independently and you will not enjoy many “pluses”. My suggestion, before booking one of these hotels, is to consider all costs not included, then making a comparison between the total costs of both solutions.


Among the useful information for a trip to Disneyland Paris I think it is important to explain how to buy tickets for the parks. Question that seems trivial but is not.

If you’ve booked a Disneyland Paris vacation package, you won’t have to worry about buying tickets to access theme parks, because they’re already included, for both parks!

If you have decided to stay overnight at a non-Disney hotel or are only planning a day, you can buy tickets online. Remember that in this case you need to register your visit and ticket on the official Disneyland Paris website to log in.

Ticket prices vary depending on the season and the number of parks and days to visit: 1 or 2 parks, from 1 to 4 days. Choosing multiple days, of course the price of the individual ticket will be lower. Children under 3 enter the parks for free.

When to go

A visit to the Disney world is always a great idea, but there are times of year, which despite the magic being more alive than ever, the queues for attractions will make you hate the park. During the holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Easter) Disneyland reaches an impressive pool of users and so I suggest you book a visit in low season. Even better if during the week to avoid local weekend tourism.

Where to eat

Among the useful information for a trip to Disneyland we cannot leave out those about meals. The Disney world offers an endless variety of street food, bars, fast food and restaurants, but the costs are not “walls – friendly”! If you stay inside the Disney Hotels you will have the opportunity to buy packages (half board or full board) at quite advantageous prices that will allow you to save money and have three meals insured for each day of entry. Half board is a convenient choice that allows you to make do for lunch with a sandwich on the fly and continue playing and have a gourmet dinner at the hotel without worries. Booking (even long before) a table in your favorite restaurant will allow you to avoid unnecessary queues.

Remember that meals are an aspect not to be underestimated during a holiday at Disneyland Paris, both for the organization and for the cost, which has a lot of impact on the total cost of the entire holiday!

How to get there?

From Italy the fastest way is definitely by plane, the most convenient airport to easily reach Disneyland Paris is Charles de Gaulle. From the airport you have several options:

Magical Shuttle

Transfer from the airport (both from that of C. De Gaulle that from Orly) to Disney Hotels lasts about an hour and stops at all Disney Hotels and in some affiliated ones. The e-ticket (to be printed and presented on paper to the driver of the vehicle) costs about 60 euros per person per round trip and can be purchased online on the Disneyland website.

TGV high-speed train

You can reach Disneyland Paris from Charles de Gaulle Airport in 10 minutes by TGV high-speed train, prices per way start from 20 euros per person. The TGV arrival station is Marne la Vallée/Chessy, where there is an internal Disneyland Paris shuttle that will take you to your Disney Hotel.

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