Planetarium of Turin with children

Guide to visiting the Planetarium of Turin with children, everything you absolutely must know before buying tickets for Planetario!

Opened in 2007, has an Interactive Astronomical Museum and a 98-seat digital Planetarium. The goal is to communicate to everyone the love for astronomy. is designed to generate amazement and excite young and old. An interactive museum that tells the story of Astronomy and Space, where you can have scientific experiences without boredom, but with pure fun. Touching and doing are the real imperatives of the Planetarium where children are protagonists.

Inside the museum there are many installations and pavilions: reproductions of satellites and robotic probes, 3D visions of the universe, simulations and stations to see videos on the exploration of the universe.

The strength of, in addition to its Planetarium sky simulator, is the possibility of living the experiences and emotions of a real crew on a mission within the reproduction of a spaceship. Through play and first-hand experience everyone approaches astronomy.

Planetarium of Turin with children

If you’re wondering why you choose to take a 5-year-old girl to visit a Planetarium, the answer is simply “to entertain her discovering.”, the Planetarium of Turin is a structure designed to interact with the public, to learn secrets of our universe through videos, games and attractions. A magical place, where children and astronomy are the real protagonists. dedicates many activities to children: the Planetarium shows designed especially for them, the playful exhibits, the workshops … and then there is the little dog Sirio, a very special guide for children aged 3 to 6 (here you will find the Sirio’s children’s guide to download).

Visiting the Planetarium of Turin with children is simple and fun for the whole family, we can assure you!

What to know to organize the visit

To better organize your visit to, we suggest you book your ticket a couple of weeks in advance and start preparing children with themed videos and cartoons. We were lucky because one of Irene’s School Units this year was the World and the Universe, so she was really ready to immerse herself in this adventure.

The Planetarium is located just outside the center of Turin, convenient to reach and with free car parking available for guests.

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